NWO Good bye Good die

Got pissed off from NWO=OWN

its easy to crack the walls think about how the system works think abaout what they want

they want to own the world even they know they cant so t they tried to create a system to get control about us

even they knew they never could get so they tried to put a illusion on us such like there are rules we need to follow

and they tried to manifest them in idealogic systems as laws, religions, economical systems and all that nonsense

they thougt they have the knowledge and wisdom of the masterplan but nooneelse never can

thats why the indians call it big treasure=wakan tanka

by the way there is a masterplan but i am alright to see the tinyaspects of it that target my life

back to theme

so they where such grazy,  blasphemic and ignorant to think they could copy it

and made us believe that their stupid copy might catch us

but they didnt recognized that we are inelligent and creative and are part of it and would find a way to obey these lies

they tried to hide their lies in believe system as idealogiecs such as laws, speak-interpretation-systems, religions econimic systems

 science and all that shit

and it all failed all the times as history had prooved

they are less minded without heart thats why they never can catch any masterplan such as chaos and fractals

they dont have a real fate in the grat treasure

and they forgot that a real living beeing has a heart

thats why they maniacly trie do put all in an order

but u cant do that with things like emotions, what is a essential aspect of all natural beeings

they hate emotions they hate chaos cause they cant put it in an ordering system(thats why they tried to put any revolution into a system and if they couldnt they tried to inflate it)

and there we can get em by the balls !

they try to controll us wit all instruments they try to find as i explained above

but we  always have been one step further because of our creativity our intellect and thats our ace in the game

if they want to supress u with their false rules ask them to proove it ! they cant !

they cant u supress in their false system cus they cant proove they never could

all they could, cus we were so stupid, to believe it to give us the illusion their system is the only one that works is right

but it is prooved that it cant work

and we can proove it to them if we ask for it if we live a life without blashemic and mistreatin orders

tellin them the truth that they are nothin but a grind of sand in time




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